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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle Blog

The Missing Piece Puzzle Company Named a WINNER in Sams Club and SCORE's "The 2015 American Small Business Championship!"

After being treated like a puzzle queen, it was nice to come home and implement some of their suggestions, and spend the winnings on some much-needed office furniture and a water cooler for morning discussions!

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Time For The Poppies! It's Memorial Day Weekend and the Poppy Project Is Beginning.

I saw a post on Facebook that caught my interest about the American Legion and their Poppy Project.  

While the post did not have an original author that I could track down, I was completely enlightened as to why those incredible men from the American Legion do a Poppy Drive on Memorial Weekend.  What was the meaning and why a Poppy?

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Graduating? It's Time To Celebrate New Beginnings.

It's time to begin celebrating Graduations and reflecting on all of the hard work and commitment that you have put forward to get to this point.  This is a pivotal point, a time to move forward into the adult world and to place your life plans and goals into action.  Sure, it's tough to leave High School but this is the time to move forward and to carve your dream into reality. Congratulations, Graduate.  You have made some difficult and amazing decisions in order to get to where you are today.  You persevered, committed to and completed your education in...

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Template for our 76 and 108 Piece Heart Puzzle with Hints and Tips for Assembly

for our 76 and 108 Piece Heart Puzzle with Hints and Tips for Assembly Puzzle Templates Our Heart Shaped puzzle with either 76 or 108 pieces can be a bit challenging to assemble. First, they are very large in size and are singularly colored. As with any puzzle with one color, these can be very time consuming but well worth the time. Hopefully, our template and tips will decrease the time that it takes to assemble and will free up some time to spend enjoying planning your event.   Our puzzle template is a mirror image of the puzzle, so...

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Earth Day At The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

Earth Day love the Earth recycling reduce your footprint

How We Are Earth Conscious

It's Earth Day and I think it's important to let you know that we are very Earth conscious here at The Missing Piece.  We made a commitment to purchase 100% recycled Board in our shop which isn't generally an easy task to find in our industry.  Since we process a large amount of puzzles per year, we certainly feel like we are doing a part in saving trees which ultimately helps the environment and our future generations.  

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American Made Personalized Photo Puzzles American Made Personalized Photo Puzzles

Here at The Missing Piece Puzzle Company, Made in the USA is important to us.

 We pride ourselves on being one of the only American manufacturer who can actually make a jigsaw puzzle for our customers while they wait. An awesome experience for all, stop in and make a memory out of your memories!  

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