The Perfect Gift For Grandparents on Grandparents Day.

by Donna Brown

Grandparents photo on a puzzle.  The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

Grandparents are the backbone of families and are Nationally celebrated on the First Sunday in September, just after Labor Day.  So what is Grandparents Day about and how did it start?

Started in 1970 in West Virginia by Mr. and Mrs. McQuade, the family was dedicated to advocating for the older generation.  Mr. and Mrs. McQuade had 15 children, 43 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild.  Their love of family started a local movement to celebrate Grandparents throughout their church and community in 1970. 

But Grandparents Day didn't become a National Holiday easily.  Through a few political connections and a great deal of perseverance,  Mrs. Maquade was finally able to have President Jimmy Carter declare the First Sunday in September as National Grandparents Day in 1979.  President Carter chose September to celebrate this special holiday as "autumn" is a time of the year that signifies Grandparents. 

Grandparents Day is an opportunity to celebrate those older and wiser individuals in our lives.  It is a day to recognize the importance and vital role that grandparents play in everyday lives.  It is a time to share hopes, dreams, and values within the family and to honor Grandparents for future generations.  Grandparents Day is a day of giving, whether a gift or a gift of time, it should be celebrated and revered.  It is also the perfect time to have a family reunion in celebration of the patriarch and matriarch of the family. 

Grandparents Day is fast approaching and is always celebrated the First Sunday after Labor Day. Not all Grandparents share the same bloodlines but that doesn't really matter.  It's a time to celebrate the people who are important in your lives, regardless of lineage.

But what to get for the people who seem to have everything?  That's the toughest question to answer, but we have the answer for you! 

With the close of summer and all of those amazing family vacation photos just sitting in the box, why not pull out some of your favorites and have them made into high-quality custom puzzles for your Grandparents?  I'm sure that they would beam with pride seeing their grandchild on a custom photo puzzle.  Afterall, jigsaw puzzles are a fun activity for Grandparents and are very popular, especially when the weather turns a bit chilly.

If you didn't have a chance to take that epic family vacation this summer, how about gathering the family for a photo shoot, or using your favorite summertime pictures and turning them into a jigsaw puzzle that Grandma and Grandpa can enjoy for years to come?  With the technology from cameras, it's so simple to have a high-quality photo with just one snap of your cell phone.  Selfies are always fun.  HINT:  Our 500 piece puzzle is very popular with Grandparents and will make a great gift!   

We hope that you make new traditions and that you celebrate this amazing National Holiday with love, laughter, and many smiles.


Grandparents photo on a puzzle.  The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

Donna Brown
Donna Brown


Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen is the owner of The Missing Piece Puzzle Company and is passionate about making high-quality custom jigsaw puzzles "Made In America FAST".
Her love of the product shows in every puzzle that she makes.
A retired teacher of Special Needs students and a widowed Mom to an amazing son with Autism, life tends to be like a puzzle with each piece an important part of who Donna is.

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