Need a Clever and Unique Fundraising Idea for College? Try a Jigsaw Puzzle.

by Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen

graduation fundraiser for college with a puzzle piece - The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

Fundraising for your education is an often missed opportunity by High School Graduates. 

You’d think that as soon as you graduate from high school, everyone would start throwing money at you to help pay for your college education. But the truth is different; most people don't even realize they can raise funds for their future by asking family and friends. When it's your time to move on in life, having all of those loved ones come together will be a wonderful thing—and now there's an easy way to get them involved!

As soon as I graduated from high school, I found myself shocked when my parents said "No" every single time I asked if they wanted to send me some money.  I realized that I had missed my opportunity, and here is where I would have changed my thinking.

I was so caught up in the moment of graduating that I completely missed the opportunity to have my family and friends be a part of my next journey.  I needed my family to help fund me as I moved onto my next adventure, college.

Every member of your family and your friends are all a piece of your life puzzle.  It takes a village never meant more than now, and it's time that you can show them just how important they are. 

Instead of the "ordinary" Graduation gift of picture frames and teddy bears with your graduation year, why not ask your family and friends to help you defer costs of your College Education by purchasing a piece of your puzzle? 

It's simple to do.

So how much can you earn? 

The sky is the limit.  For example, if you order our 500 piece puzzle and sell each piece for just $10 you would have $5,000 for your College Fund.  We offer many piece counts in our 16 x 20-inch puzzle starting at 15 pieces all the way up to 500 pieces. 

Why not have them sign a piece so that you can frame it and have it forever?  Our 150 and 200 piece puzzles are perfect for that and easily fit into a frame.  If you sell each piece of our 200 piece puzzle for just $25 each (the perfect gift for your Graduation Achievement). You would have $5000 and a great keepsake.  The sky is the limit! 

Set your goal and get started. It only takes a minute to do.

Ready to start Fundraising? 

Send a puzzle piece with your Graduation Announcement and ask your family members to make a donation, sign the piece and celebrate your wonderful achievement.  

Congratulations!  You're on your way to great things.





Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen
Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen


Donna Brown, Puzzle Queen is the owner of The Missing Piece Puzzle Company and is passionate about making high-quality custom jigsaw puzzles "Made In America FAST".
Her love of the product shows in every puzzle that she makes.
A retired teacher of Special Needs students and a widowed Mom to an amazing son with Autism, life tends to be like a puzzle with each piece an important part of who Donna is.

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